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Ontotext AD

Ontotext AD is a Sirma Group company focused on research and development of core technologies for knowledge representation, information extraction and retrieval and a developer of several outstanding products and major contributor to open-source platforms including KIM semantic annotation platform; wsmo4j semantic web services API and the WSMO Studio service development environment; OWLIM - the fastest and most scalable OWL engine; GATE language engineering platform; Sesame semantic repository. The company’s competence covers ontology design, management, and alignment; knowledge representation, reasoning; information extraction (IE), applications in information retrieval (IR); Upper-level ontologies and lexical semantics; NLP and language engineering: POS- tagging, gazetteers, co-reference resolution, etc; Machine Learning: HMM, NN, CRF; Semantic Web Services. The company is a participant in a number of EC-funded projects, and as a member of W3C, involved in the development of the vision and the standards powering the development of the web.

At present Ontotext has over 35 employees and a number of scientific affiliates. Its researchers have more than 50 publications in refereed journals and international events.

Who's who at Ontotext AD

People associated with the MOLTO project in the partner nodes.

Firstnamesort icon Lastname Last access Roles Positions in MOLTO
Borislav Popov 8 years 4 weeks site leader Steering Group, Site leader, Workpackage leader
Georgi Georgiev 8 years 43 weeks
Laura Tolosi 8 years 37 weeks
Maria Mateva 7 years 30 weeks wp leader
Mariana Damova 8 years 3 weeks
Marin Nozhchev 11 years 16 weeks
Mariya Stoyanova 8 years 5 weeks
Milen Chechev 8 years 44 weeks
Nadia Ognianova 8 years 2 weeks
Petar Mitankin 10 years 13 weeks
Silvia Korokova 8 years 4 days