A2. RGL tickets for the MGL

#2: ! with imperative (completed)

Imperative mode forces "!" at the end?

Not what we want for exercises.

Test> l DoComputeF DefineV (Var2Fun f)

define f !

#21: x {hoch,gleigh} y (completed)

We want to express:

"x gleich y"


"x hoch y"

#38: Ger mkAdA (wont-fix)

mkAdA : Str → AdA

It doesn't exist

#39: Spa from_Prep must be "desde" (wont-fix)

#40: gilt/holds -- gilt nicht/does not hold (open)


for all z , r , it isn't true that r and if p , then , it isn't true that r

für alle z, r , ist es nicht wahr daß r und wenn p dann ist es nicht wahr daß r

I think it would be better to write "gilt", "gilt nicht" (english "holds", "it does not hold") instead of "es ist nicht wahr", "es ist wahr", "it is true", "it isn't true":

for all z , r , r does not hold and if p , then , r does not hold

für alle z, r , r gilt nicht und wenn p dann r gilt nicht

#54: there is/exists (46) (wont-fix)


exist (BaseVarNum x) (Var2Set C) (mkProp (divides (Var2Num y) (Var2Num x)))


there {is → exists} x in C such that y divides x

#56: set of values of the form ... (69) (completed)


map y (factorial (Var2Num x)) (suchthat (Var2Set A) x r)


the set of values of the form {the →} factorial of x {such that → for} y {is → ranging} in{→ the set of elements}x {in → of} A such that r

#62: set whose elements (115) (wont-fix)


set (BaseValNum (Var2Num y) (Var2Num z))


the set {of components → whose elements are} y and z

#67: hay → existe , divida (wont-fix)

l exist (BaseVarNum x) (Var2Set C) (mkProp (divides (Var2Num y) (Var2Num x)))

hay x en C tal que y divida a x


divida → divide

#74: part_Prep before vowel in Cat (assigned)

el conjunt amb element únic el cub de pi

DefNPwithbaseElem : CN → MathObj → MathObj =

\cn,o → DefSgNP (mkCN cn (prepAdv with_Prep (mkNP (mkCN (mkCN (mkA "únic") element_CN) o)))) ;


No puc escriure "d'element únic" perquè si canvio el with_Prep per un possess_Prep o un part_Prep (of) , omet la preposició! Perquè?

#78: de a y b, no de a y de b (25) (wont-fix)


cartesian_product (BaseValSet (Var2Set A) (Var2Set B))


el producto cartesiano de A y {de →} B

#88: Imaginärteil (58) (completed)


imaginary (Var2Num y)


der {imaginäre Teil → Imaginärteil} von y

#90: kleinstes gemeinsames Vielfaches (63) (wont-fix)


lcm (BaseValNum (Var2Num y) (Var2Num z))


das {am wenigstene gemeine → kleinstes gemeinsames} Vielfaches von y und z

#96: dem reele Teil (109) (completed)


root2 (real (Var2Num x))


die quadratische Wurzel von dem {reellen → reele} Teil von x

#99: and_Conj "y" in spanish does not include the case "e" (wont-fix)

Problem: and_Conj in spanish does not include the case "e", for example for "x e y". It should be

and_Conj = {s1 = [] ; s2 = etConj.s ; n = Pl} ;

For the moment, we have created a new

at MathI.gf and redefined it as
and_Conj = {s1 = [] ; s2 = etConj.s ; n = Pl} ;
at MathSpa.gf

This should be fixed at StructuralSpa.gf