Evaluation & feedback

Evaluation & feedback

Please try to use the plugin for developing your own GF projects and report any issues you come up against. Feedback (both negative and positive) on the following would be appreciated:

  1. Issues encountered with installation
  2. Incorrect support of GF syntactic constructs, module hierarchy system
  3. Performance issues (speed, resources footprint)
  4. General intuitiveness of the UI
  5. Feature wish-list
  6. Compatibilities / conflicts with other Eclipse plugins

For all bug reports and feature requests, please use the GitHub Issue Tracker.


Module types

Description of the GF module types and their icons within the GF Eclipse Plugin.

Icon Description Notes
Abstract module abstract Foods = {...}
Concrete module concrete FoodsEng of Foods = {...}
Resource module resource ResFoods = {...}
Interface interface LexFoods = {...}
Instance instance LexFoodsEng of LexFoods = {...}
Functor incomplete concrete FoodsI of Foods = {...}
Functor instantiation concrete FoodsEng of Foods = FoodsI with (...) {...}

Build command

This is the GF command run by the builder:

gf --v=0 --tags --output-dir=.gfbuild [--path=PATH] FILE