D4.3A Grammar-ontology interoperability - Final Work and Overview

TitleD4.3A Grammar-ontology interoperability - Final Work and Overview
Publication TypeDeliverable
AuthorsDannells, D, Ranta, A, Mateva, M, Listenmaa, I, Tolosi, L, Enache, R
Secondary TitleAnnex to D4.3
Accession Number043a
PublisherThe MOLTO Consortium
Place PublishedSofia, Bulgaria
Year of Publication2013
NumberD 4.3A
Date Published05/2013
Publication LanguageEnglish

This document is D4.3A, an annex to the D4.3 deliverable of WP4 in the scope of the MOLTO project. It presents a final overview of the prototypes built in the scope of MOLTO, with respect to grammar-ontology interoperabilty. Also, it describes the further work on the topic, after M24 of the project, and gives some requested details on previous work. Next, the annex aims to address the reviewers' remarks and recommendations from their last report. Finally, it serves to present a general overview of the achievements on the topic in MOLTO.



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