Evaluations of ACE-in-GF and of AceWiki-GF

TitleEvaluations of ACE-in-GF and of AceWiki-GF
Publication TypeDeliverable
AuthorsCanedo, L, Fuchs, NE, Kaljurand, K, Koponen, M, Kuhn, T, Rautio, J, Ungureanu, V
Accession Number113
Year of Publication2013
NumberD 11.3
Date Published05/2013
Publication LanguageEnglish

This report describes the user evaluation of two related software products --- ACE-in-GF and AceWiki-GF. The multilingual grammar ACE-in-GF is implemented in the Grammatical Framework (GF) with the goal to provide a multilingual interface to a large subset of Attempto Controlled English (ACE). We measure the accuracy with which the ACE-in-GF grammar translates ACE sentences to the other languages that it implements, and show that its translations are preferred to the translations obtained with a state-of-the-art statistical translation system. The semantic wiki engine AceWiki-GF enables collaborative knowledge engineering environments that are based on controlled natural language and implemented as GF grammars. We set AceWiki-GF up with the ACE-in-GF grammar and a geography domain lexicon, and then ask speakers of different languages to supply the wiki with geographical knowledge. We show that the automatic translation does not affect the basic functioning of the wiki: users who view the wiki content in a language different from that in which it was originally written are as likely to agree or disagree on the verity of the content than users who view the content in the same language.

KeywordsACE, AceWiki, Attempto Controlled English, Controlled Natural Language, GF, Ontology, OWL2, semantic wiki, WP11
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