MOLTO Enlarged EU Annex I - Description of Work

TitleMOLTO Enlarged EU Annex I - Description of Work
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsConsortium, MOLTO
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M30 Deviations from Annex

Here below the deviations from the workplan as published in the Annex, reported in the progress report D1.5:

  • D2.3 was postponed from M24 to M27
  • D3.3 from M30 to M33
  • D5.3 to M34
  • D6.3 from M30 to M33
  • D7.2, planned for M27, has been delayed to M30
  • D8.3 is postponed from M30 to M36
  • D7.3 is postponed from M33 to M36
  • D11.2 planned for M33 (end November 2012) is postponed to M34 (end December 2012)
  • D11.3 planned for M37 (end March 2013) is postponed to M38 (end April 2013).


We found a typo in the table for WP7 in the new Annex I for MOLTO EEU. The person months must be the same as for the previous DoW (Version number: 3 Revision 1 (21/01/2011)): namely WP7 description, pag. 31, PMs: UGOT 12, UPC 15, and Ontotext 15 (and not Ontotext 0).

The Gantt chart reports the wrong duration for WP12: on pag. 33, starts M22 ends 33, while on pag. 48, starts M18 ends M33. Figures on pag. 48 hold. (modulo the delayed start)

Due months of deliverables

Due to the delay in the start of the MOLTO-EEU, projected dates of

  • D 11.2 Multilingual semantic wiki is due M30+3 = M33, Nov 2012
  • D 11.3 User studies for the multilingual semantic wiki is due M36+1= M37, Mar 2013
  • D 12.1 Requirements for BI's explanation engine is due M27+3= M30, Sept 2012
  • D 12.2 User studies for BI's explanation engine is due M36+3= M39, May 2013