Patent translation within the MOLTO project

TitlePatent translation within the MOLTO project
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsEspaña-Bonet, C, Enache, R, Slaski, A, Ranta, A, Màrquez, L, Gonzàlez, M
Conference NameWorkshop on Patent Translation, MT Summit XIII
Date Published09/2011
KeywordsGF, hybrid, MOLTO dissemination, patent translation, SMT, WP5, WP7
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Compound translation approach

Section 2.2.1 has no reference list - in particular none of the papers I shared with you. Since I think you implemented the parsing approach described in the literature, so I understood from your talks, please cite the original author of the rewriting algorithm.

Well, we had problems with

Well, we had problems with space. The paper was too long and we removed lots of things (half of it!) among them references...

Originality claim


it is a matter of clarifying originality for your reviewers and readers. It is your responsibility to state exactly the contribution to your best knowledge. When I quickly read that section, it almost sounded like original work, saying re-implemented approaches known in the literature would have made it explicit.