The Patents Retrieval Prototype in the MOLTO project

TitleThe Patents Retrieval Prototype in the MOLTO project
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsChechev, M, Gonzàlez, M, Màrquez, L, España-Bonet, C
Conference NameWWW2012 Conference
Place PublishedLyon, France
KeywordsMOLTO dissemination, Multilingual Patents Retrieval, Patents case study, WP7
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Multilingual Patents Retrieval

Hi all,

The paper about the Patents Retrieval system was accepted at the WWW2012 Conference. Since it was set into the EU-projects track, we included a more detailed description about the MOLTO project.

Please, find here the camera ready version. Note that it is private to the Consortium until its publication in the Conference, in April.

Regards, Meritxell.