Lexicon Extraction

TitleLexicon Extraction
Publication TypeSlide Presentation
AuthorsListenmaa, I, Carlson, L, Nyrkkö, S, Virk, S
PublisherThe MOLTO Consortium
Place PublishedBarcelona, Spain
Year of Publication2013
Date Published05/2013
Publication LanguageEnglish

We present methods of lexicon extraction from different sources, for different languages and use cases. Lexicon in GF is a part of the grammar, and it includes information of the inflection and the syntactical behaviour of the words. For that reason, lexicon extraction needs sources that provide the base form, the inflectional paradigm and the valency of the word. In addition to different sources, we consider different types of lexicons: monolingual and multilingual, as well as uni-sense (one lemma, one meaning) and multi-sense (entry for each sense of the lemma). The sources include WordNet, morphological lexicons, Wiktionary, domain ontologies and phrase tables for SMT systems.

KeywordsFinal Project Meeting - Barcelona 2013
Type of WorkPresentation