wikipedia fish lexicon tool

Titlewikipedia fish lexicon tool
Publication TypeSoftware
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsSlaski, A
PublisherThe MOLTO Consortium
Place PublishedGothenburg
Type of WorkSoftware

This little application generates gf files providing multilingual lexicon for a given list of terms. Files are designed as an extension to Phrasebook, but this may be easily modified. The running example is fish names, README file explains how to obtain vocabulary from any other domain.

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thank you. I had no chance yet to test the too, however I am wondering how general it is. The title seems to imply that it should be used with the specific example however from the description one also imagines to be able to generalize it to lexicons other than fish names. Is that so?

BTW, I slightly changed your title since fishing is the sport whereas from our former discussions this was intended to be a lexicon for fish terms as used in restaurants and as such something we can use in the Travel Phrasebook demo.