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Gonzàlez M. Asiya: An Open Toolkit for Automatic Machine Translation and (Meta-)Evaluation. Introduction to modern statistical machine translation: theory, practice and applications. 2013.Array Download: asiya-merit-course.pdf (3.41 MB)
Ranta A. The First Year of MOLTO. 2011.Array Download: molto-first-2011.pdf (229.68 KB)
Camilleri J. GF Eclipse Plugin. Slide presentation at 4th MOLTO Project Meeting. 2012. Available at: Abstract Array Download: gfep-tutorial.pdf (189.03 KB)
Camilleri J. GF Eclipse Plugin: Tutorial. Slide presentation from MOLTO-EEU Kick off. 2012. Available at: Download: gfep-tutorial.pdf (203.9 KB)
Saludes J, Xambó S. The GF mathematics library. 2011.Array Download: gfmath.pdf (136.56 KB)
Enache R, Détrez G. GF Runtime System. 2010.Array Download: runtime.pdf (159.56 KB)
Saludes J, Caprotti O, Xambó S. A grammar-based approach to multilingual mathematics. 2013;5th International Workshop on Mathematical e-Learning. Available at: Download: eMath5Madrid.pdf (492.67 KB)