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Ranta A. MOLTO: Results and Future Prospects. Overview of the final presentations. 2013. Abstract Array Download: final-molto-2013.pdf (115.33 KB)
Caprotti O. MOLTO WP1 - Management. 2011.Array Download: WP1_StatusReport.pdf (356.05 KB)
Carlson L. MOLTO WPs 3 and 9 UHEL. 2010.Array Download: MOLTO_review_UHEL_2011-03-15.pdf (469.39 KB)
Gonzàlez M. MT Automatic Evaluation and Meta-evaluation with Asiya. Introduction to modern statistical machine translation: theory, practice and applications. 2013.Array Download: asiya - MT FIB.pdf (3.3 MB)
Kaljurand K. Multilingual AceWiki. 2012.Array Download: molto-4th-day1-kaljurand.pdf (319.64 KB)
Anon. Multilingual Resource Grammar Library: Demo. 2011.Array Download: rgl-api.pdf (42.33 KB)
Saludes J. State of the WP6 at the 3d progress meeting. Submitted.Array Download: wp6-3pm.pdf (84.5 KB)
Nyrkkö S. Statistical term ontology exploration in the R statistical analysis software. An attempt to detect and categorize partially overlapping terms, using domain text corpus. Submitted. Abstract Array Download: Statistical_term_exploration_in_R_molto_march2011.pdf (113.01 KB)