MOLTO cover - Latex sources

Hi all,

Find here the latex sources to add the molto cover to your Deliverables. It consists of two files, the tex and a PDF with the logo. Since it uses the fontspec package, you need to compile using "xelatex". I'm also attaching the needed fonts (Myriad, Myriad Pro and Papyrus).

Enjoy! Meritxell.

molto.pdf102.79 KB
moltocover.tex2.5 KB
molto-fonts.tar.gz266.48 KB


wow, the fonts too

I have no time these days to try it out, but I am impressed by the font attachment. Do we now have a macro such as \Latex for \molto?

Thank you!

default style


No, I don't have a macro with a specific style, I just use the default one for Latex.

Greetings, Meritxell.

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