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Those mysterious numbers

really, I am working on the new views (e.g. http://www.molto-project.eu/view/biblio/year ) for our publication list and now some items are prefixed by numeric IDs. Where are they coming from? I have no clue. I have tried to enable the automatic generation of citekeys using Authors' lastnames and publication year but those numbers, they are in the Biblio Citation - classic style. BTW, I also enabled some OpenURL gateway for our bibliography. I wonder what the impact will be.

Yes, we can do better with the biblio full node view.

A MOLTO challenge

MOLTO plans to be useful in creating multilingual sites. SO here's a challenge directly coming from me being both the project manager and the maintainer of the Frupal website of the project: to make the build-in interface (Drupal jargon) multilingual.

I now have installed their translation workflow and the task of manually translating all the strings is daunting and one would certainly welcome a cloud service to do such.

Apigee console for GF cloud services

Apigee provides a way to expose a custom API to users of third-party software.

I have been testing some of it by creating a console to go for the Foods grammar, embedded below:

In order to get such a console, the API has to be described using WADL, the Web Application Description Language, attached my current simple version in case you want to expose your application grammar.

BTW, the youtube channel of Apigee is very informative, http://www.youtube.com/user/apigee.

Create once, publish everywhere (COPE)

The acronym of the day.

Content marketing trends should really be on the watch for producers of translation tools, http://www.prdaily.com/Main/Articles/13399.aspx does not even mention translation as a task needed to improve the accessibility of content.

Should MOLTO raise the awareness to the need of multilinguality on the web?

Planning to upgrade our MOLTO installation

Since I am thinking how to integrate our MOLTO tools to our website, I am considering upgrading the underlying CMS to the latest version. This is always a scary and tricky move so I need to carefully consider all the options. FYI the documentation on the upgrade is http://drupal.org/documentation/upgrade/6/7 and in case you have an opinion or a comments, please let me know. I'd love to hear what you might be thinking about taking such risks.

My first post in Italian

I have just added the module for multilingual sites in order to test its functionalities and study how to integrate our services for automatic translation in the web content production workflow, for instance in a widely used system such as Drupal.

Working on an online course in GF

I am currently devoting most of my working time with creating a course for self learners in GF on the WEPS portal. Today I embedded the GF cloud editor as an external activity in the course, exciting to see the GF editor of Thomas smoothly integrated with the virtual learning environment: now the system can e.g.

Searching Europeana

Search and retrieval of the records stored at Europeana is a very interesting exercise. Consider the platform first, it is a federated archive where the records are decentralized and consequently managed at the local nodes. How each node implements search is a guess.

Visiting museums almost is becoming a WP8 activity

I have been visiting the Helsinki Ateneum museum last weekend. It is wonderful to be able to spot places where our MOLTO work in cultural heritage could be used. One issue is as usual the spelling mistakes. I read only one or two of these paragraphs written on walls, and in one of them, right in the middle, there is a spelling mistake. One thing is to find a spelling mistake in a paper, but on a wall, for every visitor to see?

If you mail Inbox is especially quiet, then you have a problem

Public amend, namely, I just fetched 133 emails stuck in my account at Chalmers: those of you who answered my emails in the past week, know that I am only reading it now. I should have remembered to change the password also in the mail reader, that is. In any case, I am working on the backlog now.

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