The job of project manager

This week is one of those in which I seem to spend my time in chasing deliverables and other data that has to go into the progress report. It is not that easy to keep all threads in place and coordinated, one feels like one sends the email and the recipient simply disregards it - just as we do when our conscience calls. I know because I have been on the receiving end too :)

So, now, in order to simplify my life of reporting, I have updated the quick listing of deliverables,

to show the computer-stamped date in which the item has been created, plus the last time it has been updated, and whether there are accompanying comments to our readers (for instance we have situations in which we continue to work on some deliverables and make some parts obsolete because of subsequent progress). I believe this table now ought to portray a faithful picture of the status of the project progress.

I am open to hearing your complains if you are unhappy about this.

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