Those mysterious numbers

really, I am working on the new views (e.g. ) for our publication list and now some items are prefixed by numeric IDs. Where are they coming from? I have no clue. I have tried to enable the automatic generation of citekeys using Authors' lastnames and publication year but those numbers, they are in the Biblio Citation - classic style. BTW, I also enabled some OpenURL gateway for our bibliography. I wonder what the impact will be.

Yes, we can do better with the biblio full node view. Will look into that also.

Now do not ask about those numbers. They do not match the Drupal node ID, this I can tell you.



now the word "Array" shows up - I swear it did not a few moments ago.

going crazy over the publication list

I spent a huge amount of time today trying to fix the citation style for our publication list. Now I found there is a Citation Style Language (CSL) all those wonderful sites for bibliography management are using. Learn more at

I also learned I can install a OAI-PMH module in Drupal :) and a Scholar module. Will do that as well to spam the web with the MOLTO publications. You just make sure you keep all those details in order.

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