7. How to contribute

The basic things "everyone" can do are:

  • complete missing words in concrete syntaxes
  • add new abstract words in Words and greetings in Greetings

The missing concrete syntax entries are added to the WordsL.gf files for each language L. The morphological paradigms of the GF resource library should be used. Actions (prefixed with A, as AWant) are a little more demanding, since they also require syntax constructors. Greetings (prefixed with G) are pure strings.

Some explanations can be found in the implementation document, which is produced from the concrete syntax files SentencesI.gf and WordsEng.gf by make doc.

Here are the steps to follow for contributors:

  1. Make sure you have the latest sources from GF Darcs, using darcs pull.
  2. Also make sure that you have compiled the library by make present in gf/lib/src/.
  3. Work in the directory gf/examples/phrasebook/.
  4. After you've finished your contribution, recompile the phrasebook by make pgf.
  5. Save your changes in darcs record . (in the phrasebook subdirectory).
  6. Make a patch file with darcs send -o my_phrasebook_patch, which you can send to GF maintainers.
  7. (Recommended:) Test the phrasebook on your local server: a. Go to gf/src/server/ and follow the instructions in the project Wiki. b. Make sure that Phrasebook.pgf is available to you GF server (see project wiki). c. Launch lighttpd (see project wiki). d. How you can open gf/examples/phrasebook/www/phrasebook.html and use your phrasebook!

Finally, a few good practice recommendations:

  • Don't delete anything! But you are free to correct incorrect forms.
  • Don't change the module structure!
  • Don't compromise quality to gain coverage: non multa sed multum!