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Multilingual grammars

ICT and Cultural Heritage: Research, Innovation and Policy - ERCIM news

ERCIM News devoted Issue 86, in July 2011, to ICT in Cultural Heritage. The pdf is online http://ercim-news.ercim.eu/images/stories/EN86/EN86-web.pdf and collects articles meant to reflect the current status of research in Europe in the area. The issue appeared before the work on Cultural Heritage in MOLTO started.

A simple dialog system for Sage in natural language


Develop a command-line tool able to take commands in natural language and have them executed by Sage (an open-source Computer Algebra System [^1])

How to use it


You'll need:

  • ghc
  • curl (so that cabal install curl succeeds)
  • a way to call [Sage][] on a terminal (usually sage command.
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