How do I connect to NEF (the participant portal of the EU)?

The Participant Portal hosts services that facilitate the monitoring and the management of the projects. It is also a secure Internet site that ensures adequate authentication and confidentiality mechanisms, based on the European Commission Authentication Service (ECAS).

The access to NEF is via the Participant Portal:

As a participant, you can access NEF via the participant portal to enter data to be submitted by the coordinator. Please note that the validation of the data you might enter for your own organisation is the sole responsibility of the coordinator.

To log into the Participant Portal, you need an account associated to the email address listed in 'Table 1' next to the name of your organisation. If you don't have an account yet follow the 'register' link and instructions on the Participant Portal main page.

Once logged in with the account associated with your email address, the list of the projects you are involved in will appear under the 'My Projects' tab. The MOLTO project (247914) will appear with a link to the cost claim. By selecting that link you will gain access to the cost claim forms without any further validation.

Please do not transmit your account credentials (login and password to access the Participant Portal) to any other participant.

Table 1 : Contact persons Overview

List of the preconfigured emails that have been granted access to proposal cost claim. in the Participant Portal. These persons/emails can be changed at any time in the participant portal.

Participant Contact person Email
Ontotext AD Karagova Silvia