How do I submit a deliverable?

To submit a deliverable you need to have access to the biblio and to the administrative type for deliverables (site leaders and work-package leaders).

In general your deliverable will be a PDF (even if it is a prototype, it must be accompanied by a cover document) with the cover page conforming the MOLTO style, including logo and summary table for the metadata.

  1. Create a biblio item of type deliverable, the more information you enter, the better the search engines will be able to index and retrieve your work. Attach the PDF to the item. Check the ACCESS rules for the deliverable and tick where appropriate based on the confidential level of the work.

  2. Open the administrative view of the deliverable, under workplan. Edit the fields and in particular select the biblio item from the pull down menu. You may use the description to add remarks, call for comments or add extra links.

  3. Your deliverable should now appear in the table using the quick view tab for Deliverables.