AI Mashup Challenge 2011 -- CFP

1 Apr 2011

AI Mashup Challenge 2011

of the

8th Extended Semantic Web Conference (ESWC) May 29 - June 2, 2011, Heraklion, Greece

Topics of interest

A mashup is a lightweight (web) application that offers new functionality by combining, aggregating and transforming resources and services available on the web. The AI mashup challenge accepts and awards "intelligent" mashups that use AI technology, including but not restricted to

  • machine learning and data mining
  • machine vision
  • natural language processing
  • reasoning
  • ontologies and the semantic web.

The emphasis is not on providing and consuming semantic markup, but rather on using intelligence to mashup these resources in a more powerful way.

Some examples:

  • Information extraction or automatic text summarization to create a task-oriented overview mashup for mobile devices.
  • Semantic Web technology and data sources adapting to user and task-specific configurations.
  • Semantic background knowledge (such as ontologies, WordNet or Cyc) to improve search and content combination.
  • Machine translation for mashups that cross language borders.
  • Machine vision technology for novel ways of aggregating images, for instance mixing real and virtual environments.
  • Intelligent agents taking over simple household planning tasks.
  • Text-to-speech technology creating a voice mashup with intelligent and emotional intonation.
  • The display of Pub Med articles on a map based on geographic entity detection referring to diseases or health centers.


  • € 1750 sponsored by Elsevier
  • Speech outfit from Linguatec
  • 10 O'Reilly e-books
  • 2 x up to 5 mashup books from Addison-Wesley

Submission and deadline

The challenge tries to mediate between a grassroot bar-camp style and standard conference organization. This means for submitters:

  • You announce your mashup as soon as you are ready, simply sending an email to the organizers (address below).
  • The deadline is April 1, 2011.
  • At a subpage of the mashup website provided by the organizers, you explain your work and refer to its URL.
  • Your mashup stays at your URL and under your control. You can go on improving it.
  • At review time (1st April 2011), reviewers need a 5 page paper (LNCS format) that explains the mashup.
  • The reviewers select the most interesting mashups for presentation and vote during the conference.
  • Vote is public for all conference participants, but the reviewer quota makes up 40%.
  • Be prepared to a give a brief talk and a demo during the conference.
  • Awards will be handed over during the conference, and everybody will congratulate the winners!