Depending on your permission settings you might have to run some of these command as sudo. For all of these first you have to checkout the Mathematics Grammar Library from:

svn co svn://

Be warned that develoopment will continue for some time in this HEAD branch. For a frozen version of it, checkout from:

svn co svn://

You'll find detailed instructions for installing each executable in the following pages. For the moment, note that it is necessary to modify some files in your Sage files, for these executables to run. Usually, we have to make these changes just once: The first time, the installation procedure will warn you about it:

Please add 'sage.nlgf' to /usr/local/sage-4.7.2/devel/sage/

Since ours is not a regular Sage package, we must add a package reference manually by tweaking given above (Notice that yours may have a different path). This is a python file that Sage reads to configure the system using the command setup. Please find it in the file, mine is at line 882 and looks like this:

code = setup(name = 'sage',

The setup command lists several items; Please locate packages (which is a python list) and add 'sage.nlgf' (quotes included) among the other packages listed there. Python is picky about indentation and doesn't like to have spaces and tabs mixed. Please check that you're using the same spacing as the rest of the file.

The installation has been tested on Sage 4.7.1, 4.7.2 and 4.8