Query Technology Flagship

Query Technologies. Patents Retrieval System

Captain: Maria Mateva

Sailors: Aarne Ranta, Ramona Enache, Meritxell Gonzàlez, Jordi Saludes

Other contributors: MOLTO Consortium

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  • Query Language Generation with GF
  • GF - Ontology Interoperability
  • MOLTO Prototypes (with Respect to Query Technology)
  • Patents Use Case - Demo

Presenter Notes

Query Language Generation with GF

MOLTO Overview: Machine Language Generation

CNL to Ontology via GF: NL queries to SPARQL

  • Mapping rules (WP4, molto-kri)
  • SPARQL as a GF concrete language. YAQL (WP7 molto-patents, WP8 molto-cultural-heritage, WP12 verbalization component in the Be Informed Studio)
  • GF proved to be successful in providing translation to machine languages as well

Ontology to NL description/answer via GF

  • RDF facts verbalization by GF description grammars: verbalizing RDF facts, verbalizing subjects/objects and predicates;
  • Semi-automatically generated answer/description grammar

GF abstract representation to Sage syntax

GF abstract representation to ACE syntax

Presenter Notes

GF-Ontology Interoperability

The task