Accommodation in Barcelona

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How to book the residence

It is a residence for graduated students and visiting professors and the main point is that it is in the same enclosure as the building where the sessions will take place (at less than 5 minutes walk: A and B in this map).

You can do it online or by sending a form.

Booking online

Follow this link and then the booking application tab to book online. (please put Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya on the Observations textarea (I think it's in the 4th page of the booking protocol) to benefit from UPC rates).

Send a form to book

  1. Fill the document attached at the bottom of the page (please write Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya on STATE NAME OF THE UNIVERSITY OR COMPANY CONTACT IN BARCELONA to benefit from UPC rates)
  2. Send by e-mail to (or fax to +34 93 218 32 50)


These are the ones for which the UPC has special rates. Those near the venue are in the table UPC NORTH CAMPUS - HOTELS. You can also find the residence (and book from there).

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