MOLTO at The industry of translation among romance languages

At the same time as our first project meeting, there was a workshop in València: La Indústria de la Traducció entre Llengües Romàniques (The industry of translation among romance languages) where MOLTO was present.

During the morning several talks given by Mikel Forcada, José Mariño, Jorge Civera, Delia Prodan and myself introduced machine translation ideas and projects to an audience mostly composed by philologists, linguists and some company representatives.

A couple of questions arise around MOLTO. There was some interest on knowing the insides of the translation system, that is, more about GF itself and how rules, or the equivalent to rules in an RBMT system, are generated. After seeing MOLTO's demos I was also asked whether such a system could be used for Computer-assisted translation (CAT).

During the afternoon, there was a round table with the topic How can linguistic technologies apply to romance languages. The speakers were Gema Ramírez, Juan Alberto Alonso, Àngel Parra and Pamela Núñez all of them company representatives, companies that already use machine translation technologies to fulfil the translation demands of their clients.