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D10.2 MOLTO web service, first version

Contract No.: FP7-ICT-247914
Project full title: MOLTO - Multilingual Online Translation
Deliverable: D10.2 MOLTO web service, first version
Security (distribution level): Public
Contractual date of delivery: M3
Actual date of delivery: 2 June 2010
Type: Prototype
Status & version: Final
Author(s): Krasimir Angelov, Olga Caprotti, Ramona Enache, Thomas Hallgren, Inari Listenmaa, Aarne Ranta, Jordi Saludes, Adam Slaski
Task responsible: UGOT
Other contributors: UPC, UHEL


This phrasebook is a program for translating touristic phrases between 14 European languages included in the MOLTO project (Multilingual On-Line Translation): Bulgarian, Catalan, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Spanish, Swedish. A Russian version is not yet finished but will be added later. Also other languages may be added.

The phrasebook is implemented by using the GF programming language (Grammatical Framework). It is the first demo for the MOLTO project, released in the third month (by June 2010). The first version is a very small system, but it will extended in the course of the project.

The phrasebook is available as open-source software, licensed under GNU LGPL, at