Case Study: Mathematics

July, 2010 - May, 2012

Use of resources

Node Budgeted Period 1 Period 2 Period 3 (est)
UGOT 3 0 SMV:1, KVSP:0.1 X
UHEL 3 0 X X
UPC 24 0 12 X
Ontotext 6 0 X X


The ultimate goal of this package is to have a multilingual dialog system able to help the math student in solving word problems.

Description of work

The UPC team, being a main actor in the past development of GF mathematical grammars and having ample experience in mathematics teaching, will be in charge of the tasks in this work package with help from UGot and UHEL on technical aspects of GF and translator’s tools, along with Ontotext on ontology representation and handling. We will start by compiling examples of word problems. In parallel, we will take the mathematical multilingual GF library which was developed in the framework of the WebALT project and organize the existing code into modules, remove redundancies and format them in a way acceptable for enhancement by way of the grammar developer’s and translator’s tools of work packages 2 and 3 (D6.1). The next step will be writing a GF grammar for commanding a generic computer algebra system (CAS) by natural language imperative sentences and integrating it into a component (D6.2) to transform the commands issued to the CAS (Maybe as a browser plugin). For the final deliverable (D6.3), we will use the outcome of WP4 to add small ontologies describing the word problem: We will end with a multilingual system able to engage the student into a dialog about the progress being made in solving the problem. It will also help in performing the necessary computations.