Grammar-Ontology Interoperability

Knowledge Engineering
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30 September, 2011

This deliverable needs to be amended and a new appendix produced, see

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Log of chat between MC and OC --

[6/12/12 1:07:18 PM] Olga Caprotti: hello milen
[6/12/12 1:07:32 PM] Olga Caprotti: i am quickly browsing thru the deliverable.
[6/12/12 1:08:22 PM] Olga Caprotti: you still did not correct the easy mistakes such as capitalizing every word which is followed by a number, like Figure 3, Section 3, Example 5 etc
[6/12/12 1:08:38 PM] Olga Caprotti: it is a rule I always have to remind you guys about
[6/12/12 1:09:41 PM] Olga Caprotti: also, what is this tool implemented in?  is it available for download? why is there no direction on how to run the scripts?
[6/12/12 1:09:54 PM] Olga Caprotti: how did you enter the specific lexicon? by hand?
[6/12/12 1:10:50 PM] Olga Caprotti: you end all sections by saysing what comes next, this is rather useless and makes the text just longer without adding any new informative content
[6/12/12 1:11:01 PM] Olga Caprotti: please try to SPARE the time of your reader.
[6/12/12 1:11:33 PM] Olga Caprotti: it is about del 4.3
[6/12/12 1:12:19 PM] Milen Chechev: Hi Olga
[6/12/12 1:13:01 PM] Milen Chechev:  In the version that I've uploaded on the molto site,  I've tried to face the problem that you have marked with comments at the pdf file.
[6/12/12 1:13:28 PM] Olga Caprotti: to ease the eye when reading pls adopt some typographic conventions (or use the styles provided by your word editor) -- for instance fragments of code are usually written in courier.
[6/12/12 1:14:05 PM] Olga Caprotti: I know Milen you are working on it - I want to make sure it is a valuable document when we are done
[6/12/12 1:14:30 PM] Milen Chechev: ok, but is it possible to still change it
[6/12/12 1:14:42 PM] Olga Caprotti: and not just something we write to comply with the EU requirements - we write it fo us
[6/12/12 1:14:52 PM] Milen Chechev: because the project officer give us a deadline 31.05.2012
[6/12/12 1:15:34 PM] Olga Caprotti: i know, it is passed and we will say we are making it better (which btw, it is a reason to use *living deliverables* and let other contribute some corrections)
[6/12/12 1:16:24 PM] Olga Caprotti: I think Aarne will write to the EU today or tomorrow but I care for the quality and you should to
[6/12/12 1:16:49 PM] Olga Caprotti: it is work you ahve done and you should be proud of it, so do your best to show it
[6/12/12 1:17:04 PM] Olga Caprotti: please now read all my comments above
[6/12/12 1:18:10 PM] Olga Caprotti: you also still have a problem with using "a" or "the"
[6/12/12 1:18:28 PM] Milen Chechev: ok but, it's a little bit strange that you still find problems in presentation because two of our technical writers check it before this...
[6/12/12 1:18:29 PM] Olga Caprotti: you use "the" only if there is only one
[6/12/12 1:18:53 PM] Olga Caprotti: then send my comments to your technical writers
[6/12/12 1:19:44 PM] Milen Chechev: yes, I'll definitely do this
[6/12/12 1:20:17 PM] Olga Caprotti: a lot of sentence are not written as if this were software documentation - they leave me wondering.
[6/12/12 1:20:24 PM] Olga Caprotti: ok - let me know.
[6/12/12 1:20:40 PM] Olga Caprotti: you talk to them about each point I raised in this skype chat please
[6/12/12 1:21:14 PM] Olga Caprotti: :) thank you!