Case studies complete

Case Study: Mathematics
Case Study: Patents
Due date: 
1 December, 2012

Risk assessment:

  • In the mathematics case study, an exercise may be too complex for the reasoner, or it can be solved in just one step (which is useless to the student). In the first case, we should restrict the kind of exercises to consider or use a more complex reasoner that can be driven by tactics. For the remaining exercises in which semi-automatic solving fail, we should provide a step-by-step solution method.
  • In the patent case study, there is a risk as to whether there are enough examples of a sufficient quality in a particular language to be useful for training the SMT engine. To neutralize this risk, we keep the set of languages flexible with phrases such as at least 3 languages and candidate languages in this case study.
  • In the museum case study, the fact database of Gothenburg City Museum might not provide sufficient information for the texts we want to cover. The database currently has descriptions of 30,000 artefacts. We can spend some time in the project to enrich the data if needed.

Verification: Case translators available.