Multilingual semantic wiki

Norbert E. Fuchs
January, 2012 - June, 2013

Use of resources

Node Budgeted Period 1 Period 2 (est) Period 3 (est)
UZH 20 X X


The main goal of the proposed work-package is to build an engine for a multilingual semantic wiki, where the involved languages are precisely defined (controlled) subsets of the 15 languages that are studied in the MOLTO project.

Description of work

The wiki engine would allow the input and presentation of the wiki content in all the languages, and perform formal logic based reasoning on the content in order to enable e.g. natural language based question answering. The users of the wiki can contribute to the wiki in any of the supported languages by adding statements to the wiki, as well as extending its concept lexicon. The wiki would integrate a "predictive editor" that helps the user cope with the restricted syntax of the input languages, so that explicit learning of the syntactic restrictions is not required. Ideally, the wiki would also integrate semantics-support, e.g. a paraphraser and a consistency-checker that could be used to enhance the quality of the wiki articles. The wiki engine is going to be implemented by combining the resources and technologies developed in the MOLTO project (GF grammar library, tools for translation and smart text input) with the resources and technologies developed in the Attempto project (Attempto Controlled English, AceWiki).

The task of WP11 will be to combine the technologies developed in the MOLTO project with ACE and AceWiki, concretely:

  1. porting the ACE grammar from English to the 15 MOLTO languages. The work in this task will be supported by the other MOLTO work-packages who are involved in developing GF-based grammars;
  2. extending AceWiki to allow input in multiple different languages, i.e. develop AceWiki into a multilingual controlled language wiki. This task includes work on modularizing AceWiki and integrating existing GF tools for translation and smart text input;
  3. using existing ACE application domains and test cases to evaluate the new multilingual wiki-system.