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  1. The GF Eclipse Plugin provides an integrated development environment (IDE) for developing grammars in the Grammatical Framework (GF). Built on top of the Eclipse Platform, it aids grammar writing by providing instant syntax checking, semantic warnings and crossreference resolution. Inline documentation and a library browser facilitate the use of existing resource libraries, and compilation and testing of grammars is greatly improved through single-click launch configurations and an in-built test case manager for running treebank regression tests. This IDE promotes grammar-based systems by making the tasks of writing grammars and using resource libraries more efficient, and provides powerful tools to reduce the barrier to entry to GF and encourage new users of the framework.
  2. This grammar has been developed originally for the semantic multilingual wiki system AceWiki-GF, as documented in Deliverable D11.3. The grammar can be used online at It currently supports 3 languages: ACE, German and Spanish, where ACE is a formal language used for automated reasoning. A 500-word geography domain vocabulary has been created to describe Europe. ACE is represented by two languages, Ace and Ape. Ape linearizations contain explicit lexical entries so that the ACE parser (APE) can be used to map the sentences of this grammar to OWL. The wiki shows how this mapping works. The source for the grammar is distributed at Github at:
  3. Kaljurand K. GF-Java-master. [Internet]. 2013. Available from: Download: (59.45 KB)
    Java front-end to a GF service, modeled after the GF Webservice. Latest commit:
  4. Small multilingual vocabulary based on the GF resource grammar library test lexicon. Distributed as part of ACE-in-GF at
  5. This software is part of the MOLTO Translators' Tools. The demo installation can be tested at the address This version of Pootle includes proof-of-concept modifications to support the Grammatical Framework as a machine translation backend. To enable the support, add the tuple `('GF', '')` to the `MT_BACKENDS` configuration variable. The GF backend requires a pgf-http server that provides translations for some GF grammars. The pgf-http server is included in the GF distribution. In the ADMIN->Grammars tab, add the service URLs for all the grammars that are needed in the translation projects. For example,<> (without the brackets). Once Pootle has a list of available grammars, they can be allocated to projects in Pootle's web administration interface. In the ADMIN->Projects tab, simply edit the "GF Grammars" column for each project. When translating for a project with enabled GF grammars, a bug icon should appear among the other machine translation icons. When this icon is clicked, Pootle will call the GF web service to translate the current sentence with any of the grammars allocated for the current project. If the translation succeeds, the text will be replaced by its translation. NOTE: Language codes are used to associate Pootle project languages to GF concrete grammars. Hence it is essential that both the projects and the grammars have proper ISO 639-1 language codes. A following hyphen and region code are allowed but ignored. `git clone`
  6. Mitankin P, Ranta A, Mateva M. Wkb answer grammar. Wkb Grammar. 2013. Download: Wkb.pgf_.tar.gz (4.59 MB)
    Wkb answer generation grammar over the PROTON ontology. Currently in English, Finnish and Swedish.
  7. The MOLTO Phrasebook is a sample modular GF grammar for a multilingual traveller's phrasebook. It currently supports, with varying degree of precision, the languages: Eng, Bul, Cat, Dan, Dut, Fin, Fre, Ger, Hin, Ita, Lav, Nor, Pes, Pol, Ron, Rus, Spa, Swe, Tha, Urd. It has a module that handles disambiguation in Eng and in Ron. The sources for this version are available from svn at: URL: svn:// Repository Root: svn:// Repository UUID: 54d65b75-f25a-4862-968f-dc0a3298bc6b Revision: 2438 It has been compiled on Grammatical Framework (GF) version 3.4-darcs.
  8. Software is documented in Deliverable D6.3 [<bib>1983</bib>]. Source is browsable at URL: svn:// Repository Root: svn://
  9. Catalan, English, Spanish and Swedish supported. The programming language Prolog is also supported. SVN info for compilation from source: URL: svn:// Repository Root: svn:// Repository UUID: 54d65b75-f25a-4862-968f-dc0a3298bc6b Revision: 2432 GF version compilation: Grammatical Framework (GF) version 3.4-darcs
  10. Saludes J. MathBar.pgf. 2013. Download: MathBar.pgf (616.21 KB)
    The MathBar Grammar is a compiled PGF version of the Mathematical Grammar Library. It supports the following languages: Fre, Cat, Spa, Eng and Fin. More languages are available but have not been checked against quality. The source files are distributed via svn at URL: svn:// Repository Root: svn:// Repository UUID: 54d65b75-f25a-4862-968f-dc0a3298bc6b Revision: 2432
  11. Slaski A. wikipedia fish lexicon tool. 2011. Download: fishing.tar.gz (1.91 MB)
    This little application generates gf files providing multilingual lexicon for a given list of terms. Files are designed as an extension to Phrasebook, but this may be easily modified. The running example is fish names, README file explains how to obtain vocabulary from any other domain.