Dissemination and Exploitation

March, 2010 - February, 2013


The objectives of this WP are to:

  • (i) create a MOLTO community of researchers and commercial partners;
  • (ii) make the technology popular and easy to understand through light-weight online demos;
  • (iii) apply the results commercially and ensure their sustainability over time through synergetic partnerships with the industry.

Description of work

Early in the project we will start by delivering a Web site uniting research, industry and users facing information about MOLTO’s technology and potential (D10.2, UGOT and Ontotext). There we will feature our pre-existing work with light-weight demos, regularly updated as our work progresses, and ultimately including the use case systems. Some of these demos will be easy to integrate in third party applications like Wikis or social networks, to face larger audiences. The web site will also include a blog section with frequent informal posts on internal progress and plans and encouraging community contributions.

Dissemination on conferences, symposiums and workshops will be in the areas of:

  • language technology and translation,
  • semantic technologies, and
  • information retrieval.

It will include papers, posters, exhibition booths and sponsorships (by Ontotext at web and semantic technology conferences like ISWC, WWW, SemTech), and academic/professional events such as the Information Retrieval Facility Symposium. We will also organize a set of MOLTO workshops for the expert audience, featuring invited speakers and potential users from academy and industry.

Mxw will examine the possibility of integrating MOLTO translation and retrieval technology in their intellectual property information retrieval systems. Ontotext will make the multi-lingual NL retrieval and presentation interfaces to structured knowledge as a standard feature in their semantic search products.


IDsort icon Status Timeframe
10.7 Future funding investigation Ongoing Aug 2012 - Jan 2013
10.71 Objective ICT-2013.4.1a Cross-media content analytics Ongoing Aug 2012 - Jan 2013
10.72 Objective ICT-2013.4.1b High-quality machine translation Ongoing Aug 2012 - Jan 2013
10.73 Objective ICT-2013.4.1c Natural spoken and multimodal interaction Ongoing Aug 2012 - Jan 2013
10.74 Objective ICT-2013.4.1d Developing joint plans and services Ongoing Aug 2012 - Jan 2013