Patent MT and Retrieval Prototype

TitlePatent MT and Retrieval Prototype
Publication TypeDeliverable
AuthorsGonzàlez, M, Chechev, M, Damova, M, Enache, R, España-Bonet, C, Màrquez, L, Mateva, M, Ranta, A, Tolosi, L
Accession Number072
Year of Publication2012
NumberD 7.2
Date Published09/2012
Publication LanguageEnglish

The present document is Deliverable D7.2 of WP7. It gives a description of the multilingual patents retrieval prototype produced in this workpackage and a brief user manual to access the demo.

The main highlights achieved in the prototype with respect to the beta version described in the Deliverable 7.1\cite{d71} are the following: a) The demo allows for querying the system in the three languages addressed in this WP (English, French and German); b) the patents in the database has original text in English, French and German and also the translated documents for all missing languages of each document; c) the patent document translation can be done following a simple pipeline; d) some improvements on the interface addressed several deficiencies detected during internal evaluation; e) the new query library and its application to the patents use case have been presented at the Third Workshop on Controlled Natural Language (CNL 2012 (, being held in Zurich at the end of August 2012.

KeywordsMultilingual Patents Retrieval, Ontology, patent translation, patents, SMT, WP7
Type of WorkProject Deliverable
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Online demo

Dear partners,

The new version of the demo with the new corpus and including German language will be available in the next hours. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Best regards, Meritxell

D7.2 draft for review

Hi everyone,

D7.2 is now ready and available for the consortium. All your comments, suggestions are welcome. Please, send them within in the next two weeks.

Best regards, Meritxell.