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Beyond the state of the art

A new GF runtime is coming

A preview version of libpgf, a C-based reimplementation of the GF runtime, is now available. When finished, it should make GF technology accessible to applications that cannot make use of the current Haskell- and Java-based runtimes either due to resource constraints or interoperability concerns. In particular, libpgf should be easier to access from non-JVM-based programming languages. Bindings for Python are already in the pipeline.

Downloads and further information are available from the libpgf home page.

First patent internal milestone accomplished

We have succeeded in parsing with a small GF grammar the first example claim which reads Mouse complement-fixing monoclonal antibody which (i) reacts with essentially all normal human peripheral T-cells but (ii) does not react with any of the normal human peripheral cells in the group comprising b cells, null cells and macrophages.

Difficulties included reducing number of ambiguities from over 100 ASTs to 4, witch are all reasonable. That was done by introducing a hierarchy of Common Noun objects. The demo of the patents project will be given on May the 3rd. Everyone is invited.

MOLTO KRI in Swedish

The MOLTO KRI already has a version in Swedish - the user can write in Swedish natural language queries to the underlying knowledge base.

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