Is there a style for MOLTO deliverables?

No, not officially since every group uses his favorite editor. Ideally the deliverable are prepared collaboratively online in the wiki as "living deliverables". This allows for archiving comments and for versioning (as done by our CMS Drupal). If you choose to do your edits online then, once the deliverable is available under

you may generate a frozen version to be time-stamped as delivered using the printer-friendly followed by Print. This produces the page numbers and a good A4 format, in most cases. Please use the cover page as in the deliverables already there.

In the minimal case, you should always use the living deliverable to produce the cover page so we achieve a uniform look.

Once you have a PDF for your deliverable, with appropriate cover page, make a Biblio item,, of type Deliverable and attach the document. This will also generate a news item about the availability of the deliverable that will also be pushed to our RSS and to Twitter. The Biblio item will also appear in the quick-list navigation tab Deliverables:

If you want to limit access, please use the Access Control tab to remove the Anonymous access. As a recommendation of good practice, you should leave a 2 weeks time for comments (possibly keep the accessibility restricted during this time).

Once the deliverable is final, the work package leader may link it to the administrative record appearing under our online workplan so that the administrative table of deliverables,, is automatically filled.