Questionnaire - what do you expect from WP4

Data sets (knowledge)

  1. Which are the data sets that you plan to use?
  2. For each of these data sets please share the following:

- description in your own words - original format and size - How do you plan to use the data set? - Do you need the entire data set or just a part of it - which one? - Do you need to change or extend the data set during the project? - Inside your applications, what is the format in which you need to use the data from this set? - Do you need any special software to create and edit the data set? - Describe some/all? queries that you need to execute against the set.

Software Infrasrtucture

  1. General characteristics you expect: scale? response time?
  2. Do you plan to use the infrastructure during the development, initialization/loading and/or runtime of your tools?
  3. Risks for the infrastructure to have in mind