IWCS 2011 - Paper due

8 Oct 2010

The 9th International Conference on Computational Semantics will be held in Oxford, UK, January 12–14, 2011. The conference will take place at the Computing Laboratory at the University of Oxford.

The aim of the IWCS conference is to bring together researchers interested in any aspects of the computation, annotation, extraction, and representation of meaning in natural language, whether this is from a lexical or structural semantic perspective. IWCS embraces both symbolic and statistical approaches to computational semantics, and everything in between. Topics of interest

Areas of special interest for the conference will be computational aspects of meaning of natural language within written, spoken, or multimodal communication. Papers are invited that are concerned with topics in these and closely related areas, including the following:

* representation of meaning
* syntax-semantics interface
* modelling and context in semantic interpretation
* representing and resolving semantic ambiguity
* shallow and deep semantic processing and reasoning
* inference methods for computational semantics
* recognising textual entailment
* methodologies and practices for semantic annotation
* machine learning of semantic structures
* statistical semantics
* computational aspects of lexical semantics
* semantics and ontologies
* semantic web and natural language processing
* semantic aspects of language generation
* semantic relations in discourse and dialogue
* semantics and pragmatics of dialogue acts
* computing meaning in multimodal interaction
* semantics-pragmatics interface