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D4.1 Knowledge Representation Infrastructure

Contract No.:FP7-ICT-247914
Project full title:MOLTO - Multilingual Online Translation
Deliverable:D4.1 Knowledge Representation Infrastructure
Security (distribution level):Public
Contractual date of delivery:1 Nov 2010
Actual date of delivery:1 Nov 2010
Type:Regular Publication
Status & version:Final
Author(s):Petar Mitankin, Atanas Ilchev
Task responsible:ONTO ( WP4 )
Other contributors:Borislav Popov, Reneta Popova, and Gergana Petkova


This document presents the specification of the Knowledge Representation Infrastructure (KRI), which is based on pre-existing products. The KRI ensures a mature basis for storage and retrieval of structured knowledge and content. The document provides a description of the technology building blocks, overall architecture, standards used, query languages and inference rules.

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