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D2.2 Grammar IDE

Contract No.: FP7-ICT-247914
Project full title: MOLTO - Multilingual Online Translation
Deliverable: D2.2 Grammar IDE
Security (distribution level): Public
Contractual date of delivery: M18
Actual date of delivery: September 2011
Type: Prototype
Status & version: Final
Author(s): A. Ranta, T. Hallgren, et al.
Task responsible: UGOT
Other contributors: John Camilleri, Ramona Enache


Deliverable D2.2 describes the functionalities for an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for GF (Grammatical Framework). The main question it addresses is how should such a system help the programmers who write multilingual grammars? Two IDE's are presented: a web-based IDE enabling a quick start for GF programming in the cloud, and an Eclips plug-in, targeted for expert users working with large projects, which may involve the integration of GF with other components. Example-based grammar writing is also described in the end.