Elk for Patents (EfP)

As it has been announced in the Corpora-List for instance, there is now a free software devoted to deal with patents, Elk for Patents (EfP). Here I paste the announcement, since I think it can be useful to do at least some manual analysis within MOLTO.

A free program called Elk for Patents (EfP) includes Download Patents, to manage collections of patent texts. You can select lists of patents and analyze lexical and syntactic structure of patent claims.

EfP displays legal style claim charts to help you compare and contrast any two patents, based on claim language, and vocabularies for frequent words and rare words.

Get Claims for List of Patents, (GCLP) is now in development for patent group analysis and comparisons. A test corpus is based on the class 707 patents as annotated by the USPTO. The claim tree is calculated from claim text and displayed in column 2. The third column shows selected claim text in the top window, and the set of all claims (36 for the patent displayed as 7853724) in the bottom. The fourth column displays two symbol tables (frequent words, rare words).

There is much more on my EnglishLogicKernel dot com web site, including the installation program for the first set of programs which can be downloaded free at present. GCLP will be added to the mix when it gets fully developed and ready for beta distribution.

Thanks for your interest,

Rich Cooper EnglishLogicKernel.com