GF Tutorial at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, October 2012

I was invited to give a tutorial on GF in Shanghai. The invitation was issued by professor Yinglin Wang 王英林 at Computer Science and professor Yan Tian 田艳 at English Department. Professor Yan Tian had a draft of her translation of the GF book into Chinese, which will hopefully appear soon. To prepare the visit, I worked on a Chinese resource grammar implementation with Zhuo Linqiqige 卓琳其其格, a Chinese Masters student in Gothenburg. The tutorial and the availability of the resource grammar have led to continued work on GF in China, also in Beijing and Guangzhou; for instance, discussions on gf-dev suggest that a Chinese version of the MOLTO Phrasebook will soon be available.

The attached photograph features 王英林 , 阿尔内•兰塔 , and 田艳 , as well as the poster announcing the tutorial. The MOLTO project is described in the first paragraph of the poster.

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