Updated GF Eclipse Plugin

A new version of the GF Eclipse Plugin has been released (build version To all who are interested, please try out the plugin and provide some feedback about your experience. Installation instructions and all other important information about the plugin can be found at http://www.molto-project.eu/node/1395

The major improvement with this version is a completely overhauled scoping system, based on GF's new --tags compiler option. Please note that the plugin requires the newest development version of GF to work (i.e. compiled from darcs — note that the gfo format has changed recently, so you may want to manually remove any existing gfo files to force GF to rebuilt them from scratch). Also included in the plugin is interactive console support, which allows you to launch and use the GF shell directly from within Eclipse. And of course many bug fixes.

The number one feature which is not fully implemented yet is the "Open Declaration" (F3) command, but this will be completed very soon. We welcome any feedback which you think may be useful to help the continued development of this tool!