Ways to facilitate the installation of Gf for Mac OS X

I started to examine ways to simplify the installation of gf for Mac OS X users

I see two clear options:

  • Register gf as a MacPorts project: This might be the prefered way of people having several other tools installed from the MacPorts servers. For these people, it avoids duplication of code but requires the user to be more knowledgeable since it works by locally compiling the sources.

  • Create a native mac package (.pkg). The binaries are packaged and installed in place. More convenient for the users but requiring manual compiling and re-packaging each time a new gf version is released.


GHC 6.12 and mac

The package is certainly what mac users (and everyone else) would expect! Now i guess this will be easier with GHC 6.12 and the use of Haskeline, since we don't have the readline dependence any more. Of course we also want to have source packages for power users, and version control (darcs) for developers.

Aarne Ranta Professor of Computer Science MOLTO Coordinator http://www.cse.chalmers.se/~aarne