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University of Gothenburg
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Project manager, Workpackage leader, Deputy

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Olga Caprotti was the Network Manager of the Joining Educational Mathematics, JEM, thematic network and has been project manager of the WebALT, EDC-22253 eContent project. She has been working in technologies for the electronic communication of mathematics since joining the European OpenMath Esprit Project (1997-2000) after graduation in symbolic computation at RISC-Linz. She has substantially contributed to the latest version of the OpenMath language and is one of the editors of the standard. Her interests and competences range from semantic markup and metadata for mathematical documents and interactive e-learning materials, to mathematical web services and interfaces to symbolic computation software. She is currently the secretary of the OpenMath Society and member of the W3C-Math WG and of the Committee for Electronic Information and Communication of the IMU. Previously at UHEL, Caprotti is a member of the UGOT staff in MOLTO, working as project manager and dissemination officer.


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