AceWiki-GF screencast

TitleAceWiki-GF screencast
Publication TypeAudiovisual
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsCanedo, L, Fuchs, NE, Kaljurand, K, Kuhn, T
PerformersCanedo, L
Date Published05/2013
PublisherThe MOLTO Consortium
Place PublishedZurich, Switzerland
Type of WorkSoftware demonstration video, screencast
Publication LanguageEnglish
Accession Number112
KeywordsACE, AceWiki, Attempto Controlled English, Controlled Natural Language, MOLTO, Multilingual Grammars, semantic wiki, WP11

AceWiki-GF combines AceWiki with Grammatical Framework (GF) in order to make CNL-based semantic wikis multilingual.

The content languages of the wikis are defined by multilingual GF grammars. Each wiki article is stored in a language-neutral format but is viewable and editable via any of the languages supported by the grammar. The source of the grammar is integrated into the wiki and editable by the users.

The following screencast demonstrates the main features of AceWiki-GF using a geography wiki that is based on a multilingual version of Attempto Controlled English (ACE). The syntax of a large subset of ACE has been implemented in GF and ported to many languages using the GF Resource Grammar Library, resulting in the multilingual ACE-in-GF grammar. The ACE-based wikis offer automatic semantic consistency checking and question answering based on OWL reasoning via a meaning-preserving mapping from ACE to OWL.

You can download the screencast in the following formats: webm, mp4.


Runtime 10 min 19 sec


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