Saludes J. MathBar.pgf. 2013. Abstract Array Download: MathBar.pgf (616.21 KB)
Ribó A, Saludes J, Xambó S. Simple drill library snapshot Hierro A, Angelov K, Caprotti O, et al., eds. 2011.Array Download: mgl.tar.gz (974.6 KB)
Slaski A. wikipedia fish lexicon tool. 2011. Abstract Array Download: fishing.tar.gz (1.91 MB)
Mitankin P, Ranta A, Mateva M. Wkb answer grammar. Wkb Grammar. 2013. Abstract Array Download: Wkb.pgf_.tar.gz (4.59 MB)
Dannélls D. Multilingual text generation from structured formal representations. University of Gothenburg. 2012.Array Download: danasthesis.pdf (2.18 MB)
Listenmaa I. Ontology-based lexicon management in a multilingual translation system – a survey of use cases. Department of Modern Languages, University of Helsinki. 2012.Array Download: listenmaa_masters_thesis_2012.pdf (1.05 MB)
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