How to add a large lexicon to GF

I am logging some discussion with Ramona, our GF expert developer on possible little GF projects that will benefit GF in the long run.

The goal is to provide a large morphological lexicon for widely used languages based on available dictionary resources such as WordNet. These should be free so that we can refer to them and use them to bootstrap the GF dictionary files. Having such a dictionary makes it much easier to develop domain-specific grammars by having ready-made lexical entries.

In particular, Italian and Spanish and Catalan are still lacking a dictionary GF resource such as ´GF/lib/src/Italian/´ and ´GF/lib/src/Italian/´. Similar work has been done for Swedish already, based on SALDO, and for English, based on Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary, and more recently for Urdu.

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