Working on an online course in GF

I am currently devoting most of my working time with creating a course for self learners in GF on the WEPS portal. Today I embedded the GF cloud editor as an external activity in the course, exciting to see the GF editor of Thomas smoothly integrated with the virtual learning environment: now the system can e.g. make this activity available only at a certain time. Will need testers for the concurrent use of the activity but I will post later on this, when the draft course is almost done.

Yes, I might even redo the CSS for the editor, to fit the WEPS color scheme :) and ease it on the eye of those students who will spend hours working on GF grammars.

A big THANK YOU to Thomas.

Now, actually I would need an LTI profile in order to e.g. trasmit back the grades from the activity ( and -- but I think this is a task for the GF quiz engine, inspirational examples of LTI tools:

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