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The job of project manager

This week is one of those in which I seem to spend my time in chasing deliverables and other data that has to go into the progress report. It is not that easy to keep all threads in place and coordinated, one feels like one sends the email and the recipient simply disregards it - just as we do when our conscience calls.

How to add a large lexicon to GF

I am logging some discussion with Ramona, our GF expert developer on possible little GF projects that will benefit GF in the long run.

The goal is to provide a large morphological lexicon for widely used languages based on available dictionary resources such as WordNet. These should be free so that we can refer to them and use them to bootstrap the GF dictionary files. Having such a dictionary makes it much easier to develop domain-specific grammars by having ready-made lexical entries.

Again about those stealth UDP connections

A few days ago I embarked on a crusade to try and figure out why my home computer was being subjected to so many connection attempts, each one needing to be handled by my CPU. It still is, but now I think I figured why. The culprits are all those apps that my contacts (both colleagues and friends) keep open on their machines and require a status update every 10 minutes or so. There is nothing I can do to prevent my computer from being constantly interrupted by pings except use a firewall.

How I analyzed my firewall log file

Since quite some time now, I have been noticing a terrible lack of performance on my Macbook Pro. So yesterday I decided to enable a full firewall, thinking that maybe there was some intruder on my machine. Much to my surprise the logfile showed continuous attack to access some ports, especially 46585 (gtkam?). Hence I decided to notify the providers associated to the IPs that were recorded responsible for the attacks. Since it is a rather long and cumbersome process, I will now here give the few command lines that help a bit in selecting which IPs to investigate further.

will it (mathjax) work?

just enabled using drush.

$ h \leq \frac{1}{2} |\zeta - z| [ |\zeta - z - h| \geq \frac{1}{2} |\zeta - z|] $


$ \left| \frac{1}{\zeta - z - h} - \frac{1}{\zeta - z} \right| = \left| \frac{(\zeta - z) - (\zeta - z - h)}{(\zeta - z - h)(\zeta - z)} \right| \ = \left| \frac{h}{(\zeta - z - h)(\zeta - z)} \right| \ \leq \frac{2 |h|}{|\zeta - z|^2}. $

$ \cos 2\theta = \cos^2 \theta - \sin^2 \theta = 2 \cos^2 \theta - 1.$

A test of MOLTO blogging

I am now opening up the possibility for our registered consortium members to have their personal blog hosted by the MOLTO website. The blog should be seen as a quick notebook of all your experiences related to MOLTO, of any type: research, dissemination, travel, bureaucracy fights, and frustration too.

The standard disclaimer for the blog posts is my views are personal and do not in any way reflect the view of the MOLTO Consortium

maybe I should have such a disclaimer appear at the bottom of each blog posts. easy enough.

Comments are welcome always.

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The views expressed in this blog are personal and do not in any way reflect the view of the MOLTO Consortium