How does MOLTO differ from existing translation tools on the web?

Tools like Systran (Babelfish) and Google Translate are designed for consumers of information, but we will mainly serve the producers of information. We want the quality to be good enough so that, for instance, an e-commerce site can translate their web pages automatically without the fear that the message will change. With other tools, a potential customer can, for instance, read an e-commerce page written in French and translate it into Swedish just to find out whether the shop has something of interest for her. She understands that the translation is not necessarily what the producer had meant. If, for instance, the system has translated a price of 100 Euros to 100 Swedish Crowns (which equals 10 Euros), she will not insist to buy the product for that price. But if company had put such a translation in their website, they might be committed to it.